Saturday, 18 August 2012

First swim on holiday!

Am I more excited that we had a first swim or first family holiday?

I was really nervous about taking Xander on his first swim.  Goodness me I have never even taken a child swimming let alone a wriggly, slippery baby!  However I should not have feared quite so much.  It was a great experience.  We were on our family outing to the Royal Highland Show near Edinburgh and stayed in a lovely hotel in Edinburgh.  It was as wet outside we decided to make a quick shopping trip to John Lewis and buy baby some swim pants.  The decisions that followed.  Should Xander be wearing a nappy underneath his swim pant?  Will he need a vest?  Do the store stock swimming seats?  How long should he be in the water for?  The poor people at John Lewis must have thought we didn't have a clue.  Haha!  They were right!

Back to the hotel I made the decision that we should go down to the pool in our swimming outfits and that way I don't end up with a cold, unhappy, tired baby!  Good decision!  Off we marched in ur dressing gowns and a confused fluffy towel bundle of baby to the nearest lift!  What fun...

In the pool Xander loved it!  Definitely a bit unsure at first.  Xander looked all around, to the ceiling, to me and his Dad for reassurance.  Then once he was comfortable with us all being in the big bath together he eased up and his arms and little legs began to splash splash away!  It was a wonderful first swim and it has encouraged me to take him swimming in our local pool on my own!  This weekly adventure begins next week so I shall keep you posted!  I would have shared a lovely photograph of Xander in his cute lil swimming pants but the photograph of me holding him is less than glamorous!


Friday, 13 July 2012

Mummy, I don't care what you look like...

I am beginning to get very annoyed about the media pictures of super skinny celebrities post pregnancy. How on earth are they managing to be captured on camera with fantastic bodies so soon after giving birth? I can only think that it must be due to the host of people around them which has ensured they stick to a VERY healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. (Might I mention the images of "glowing" celbs during their pregnancies-I think the pregnancy glow COMPLETELY bypassed me!) I also wonder if the same support group then allows them to get training and return to fitness. This is not to say that all celebrities do return to shape as quickly as the media would have us believe. However some 'realistic' images would certainly make us mummys feel not so out of shape I personally would love to return to my pre-pregnancy shape (as I'm sure we all would) but I am not deluded and can't see that happening for a long time, if at all. I (did) love working out at the gym but right now I can't think of a worse way to spend an evening after rushing about after a baby all day! It wouldn't frustrate me at all but I currently feel as though I have no clothes (my husband is fed up hearing this i think) that fit my current body shape and look as though I am trying to dress in a teenagers clothing. Maybe I should have been more aware of how the body changes during and post pregnancy?! Maybe I should remind myself that my zebra print lines on my not so yummy tummy all played their part in producing my gorgeous son. Maybe I should think that Xander will NEVER be bothered about what I look like because all he will see is his mummy. xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mummy, my gums are sore...

Poor toot. The dreaded "teething" has started. Such a tricky time where the drooling and constant hands, wooden spoon and books are all filling my sons mouth to help sooth his pain. Why oh why will he not use the actual specially bought teether? Does anybody know of a teething product that they have found to work or can recommend as a short term soother?? xx